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AKMRIA Bank Details

1. STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI), M.G.Road Branch,Ernakulam
S.B.A/c No. 32632782708

2. STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE(SBT) M.G. Road Branch, Ernakulum – 682035, SB A/c No: 67261683026

Registration Fees for ordinary membership, monthly subscription, other payments of AKMRIA like Donations, from well wishers, shares given by its members, work payments can also be remitted through this Account by cash /demand draft/ cheque and report it to the Phone numbers mentioned in the Home Page of this site and demand for the payment receipts


2nd Annual General Meeting

Our 2nd Annual General Meeting was inaugurated by Retd. District Judge N.Leelamani followed by Education Promotion Programme (AKSHARA) by Dr. B.K. Ashok Kumar and Charity Programme (ARDRA) by our Advisory Board Member Advocate Sarin Panicker on 30th December, 2014. 

1st  Annual General Meeting

Our 1st Annual General Meeting & AKMRIA Office was inaugurated by Honorable Ernakulum MLA, Mr. Hibi Eden, followed by Ernakulum District Panchayath President Adv. Eldhose Kunnapilly & thereafter by Adv. Jibu P Thomas Identity Card Distribution.





Registration Certificate

All kerala market research invsetigators association has been registered under the Indian Trade Unian act XVI OF 1926.

Click here to see the registration
Membership Form

Download the form, take the print, fill the form manually and affix the recent passport size photograph and duly signed form should be sent to current address of Akmria.

Download Membership Form

Quotation Form

As the part of our business we are doing market surveys, social, economic & statistical surveys, data collection, sales promotions to various vendors / clients. Outside vendors /Clients must fill the quotation forms send it by post or courier if they are willing to do project work agreement with us.

Download Quotation Form
(1) Name :- The Name of the Union shall be All Kerala Market Research Investigators Association.

(2) Area of Operation:- The whole of the State of Kerala shall be the area of Operation of this Union.

(3) Objectives:-
(a) The Primary Objectives of this Union shall be to bring together all the Investigators and Supervisors working in different Public Ltd. Companies, Pvt. Ltd. Companies, Multinationals, Market Research Companies and other such agencies, who were till now not united under any Union and to work towards their all round welfare.

(b) To ensure the job security guarantee of employment and a just and legal service and emolument system for the Investigators, Supervisors and associated workers in this area of Employment.                      

(c) To make the Company Management aware of the different problems, difficulties relating to the performance of their duties and any other such matters faced by workers in this area of employment and find solution for the same.

(d) To envisage and establish various welfare schemes for the social and economic progress of the Union and its members.

(e) To provide financial aid to the members at emergencies.

(f) To help the members get all benefits for which they are entitled from the Governmental agencies concerned.

(g) To generate a fund for the smooth functioning of the Union by finding and executing small/medium/large scale business and related project works..

(4) Admission to the Union
Those who have experience of working as Investigators for atleast two projects, Supervisors with working experience for at least one year, those engaged in similar works in any of the Public Ltd. Private Ltd., Multinational Companies and other such agencies in Kerala can become members of this Union.

(b) An admission fee of Rs.100/- and the first monthly subscription of Rs 50/- should be paid when the application for admission is submitted.

(c) Thereafter, the monthly subscription of Rs.50/- should be paid before 15th of each month and the receipt taken for it.

(d) The admission fee and the monthly subscription shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

(e) Those who wish to become members of this Union shall not be members of any other Union.

(5) Extra Ordinary Members
Eminent Personalities from Social & Political fields who are not entitled for ordinary membership but are willing to obey the rules and regulations of the Union and are acceptable to the ordinary members shall be enrolled as extra-ordinary members of the Union.

(b) The Number of extra-ordinary members shall not exceed 10% of the total number of the ordinary members of the Union.

(c) The Extra ordinary members can become office bearers of the Union but their number shall not exceed 1/3rd of the total number of office bearers.

(d) The payment of monthly subscription shall not be applicable for the extra-ordinary members.

(6) Disciplinary Action
(a) The membership shall become automatically cancelled if the member does not pay the monthly subscription for three months in a row, or if he is absent without acceptable reasons for three General Body meeting or if he ceases to be a worker in this area of employment.

(b) Those who lose their membership due to arrears of subscription shall be given a chance to explain their part and if the explanation is found to be acceptable they shall be readmitted on payment of the arrears and Rs.50/- as penalty subject to the decision of managing Committee.

(d) The Managing Committee shall initiate proceeding against members who work against rules and regulations and decision of the Union in the form of fine, suspension, dismissal, etc., depending on the gravity of the action.

(e) The members who are faced with suspension or dismissal shall be given a chance to submitt their explanation and further action shall be taken only if the explanation given is not found satisfactory.

(7) Annual General body
(a)The Annual general body meeting of the union shall be convened in the month of April.

(b) Notice of the meeting shall be published 10 days before the day of the meeting.

(c) The account of income and expenditure for the year and the report of the activities shall be presented in the annual general body meeting and concurrence of the general body obtained for the same.

(d) The members of the executive committee shall be elected from the members at the annual general body meeting every three years.

(8)  Managing Committee (Executive Committee)  
The Managing Committee shall have 15 members including the President, Vice President, General Secretary, four Joint Secretaries (two of these shall be reserved for the Ladies) Treasurer and seven Executive Committee (two of these shall be reserved for Ladies and one for SC/ST section).

The tenure of the First Executive Committee shall be for five years. Thereafter each Executive Committee will have a term of three years. The Annual General Body Meeting convened once in three years shall elect the members of the next executive committee.

(c) Members who have defaulted in the payment of monthly subscription shall not be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee.

(d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to remove the members from the managing committee who act against the rules and regulations of the union, indulge in immoral activity, misappropriate the Union fund or indulge in activities against the union, but this decision will have to be approved in the next general body meeting.

(e) Such vacancies to the Executive Committee shall be filled up by co-option of eligible members. But this co-option should be approved by the next General body meeting.

(9)  Executive Committee Meeting
(a) The Committee shall meet at least once a month. The Committee should approve and pass the accounts of income and expenditure, evaluate any of the recent issues and involve itself in any of the ordinary as well as emergency occurrence.

(b) The quorum of the Executive Committee shall be eight.

(10)  General Body
(a) Under normal circumstances the General body of the meeting shall meet once in every six months .A notice in this regard should be published seven days before the meeting. The quorum for general body meeting shall be 40% of the number of members.

(b) The quorum for the ordinary general body meeting shall be 40% of the total number of members. For the Annual general body meeting, a general body meeting called for amendement of the constitution and dissolution of the Union, the quorum shall be 60% of the total number of members.. If voting is resorted to in order to settle any matter, the opinion of the majority should be accepted. In case there is a tie the Chairman will have a casting vote.

(11)   Duties and Responsibilities of Office Bearers
(a) President :- The main duties of the President includes supervision of all the activities of the Union, presiding over all the meetings, controlling the conduct of the members, fighting from the front for getting the dues and favours for the workers in the union and enabling the workers to fulfill their duties and responsibilities in the the best possible manner. 

(b) Vice President:- The Vice President should carry out the duties of the President in his absence, help the President in conducting the day to day activities of the Union, give appropriate leadership in conducting the work in all specified areas, check the accounts of Income and Expenditure of the Union and supervise the financial matters of the union in the absence of the President.

(c) General Secretary:- The General Secretary should be constantly vigilant about the day to day working of the Union, carry out all necessary correspondence for the Union, represent the Union in discussions and in the Court of Law, enforce the decision of the Union, Prepare the reports to be presented at the general body meeting, Lead the union in its day to day activities as well as work for the progress of the Union, keep accurate accounts of Income and Expenditure and present them whenever required.

(d) Joint Secretary:- The Joint Secretary shall help the General Secretary in the day to day activities of the union and in leading the Union, act on behalf of the General Secretary in his absence and provide appropriate leadership in all matters entrusted to him/her.

(e) Treasurer:-  The Treasurer shall collect the admission fee, monthly subscription and donation for the Union, issue receipt for the same and spend the money for the Union as per the directions of the Managing Committee.

(f) Members of the Executive Committee:-The members of the Executive Committee shall help the office bearers in their work, express their opinion in matters discussed in the Committee meetings, try to keep the democratic nature of the Union, help the workers in resolving their problems. They should strive to put the decisions of the General body of the Union into practice and endeavour to spread the aims and principles of the Union among the members.

General Fund
 The General Fund is made up of admission fee and monthly subscription levied from the members and donations accepted from the public or well wishers as per the decision of the general body.

(b)This fund can be utilised for the administrative expenses of the union, legal expenses, salaries of the office bearers of the union, travel expenses, as well as other needs specified under Section 16 of Trade Union Act of 1926.

(c)  An account should be opened in a Nationalised bank/ Scheduled Bank approved by the Executive Committee. The Account should be jointly operated by the President, General Secretary and Treasurer as per the decision of the Committee of the time.

(d)  As per the general plan or a special plan approved by the executive committee, a special fund can be constituted for expenses connected with death, marriage, house construction, education. This amount can be made available to the members as loans or grant as per the terms and condition set by the Executive Committee.

13) Assets
Any of the movable or immovable assets acquired for the union should be bought jointly in the name of the President, General Secretary and Treasurer. To sell or transfer or pledge the property so acquired shall require 60% vote of the members present at a special General body meeting which should have a participation of 75% of the members of the union.

(14) Benefits for the Members
(a) The Union shall intervene in disputes between the workers and authorities in respect of their jobs, wages, other allowances and terms and conditions of employment etc., and solve them. If an amicable settlement is not reached through discussions, the Union shall try for a solution through the department concerned with it or take legal action for solving it. The Union should work for the members, representing them and involving itself in their work and endeavour for their all round development.

(b) If a member dies while still in employment, either in an accident or due to any other cause, the Union can envisage and work out plans for the welfare of the family.

(c) The Union should try to get all legally permissible benefits for a member who meets with an accident while still in employment and becomes temporarily or permanently disabled.

(d) The Union shall provide financial help for such members, which can be decided by the Committee.

(e) Only those members who have not defaulted in the payment of monthly subscription and those who have been facing disciplinary action from the union are eligible for the benefits given by the Union.

Amendment of the Constitution
(a) If 60% of the members make a request in writing or if the existing executive committee feels that it will not be possible to involve effectively in a particular situation or to promote a plan of action that will be beneficial for the workers or to expand the work of the union under the existing rules and regulations, it can be amended totally or partially.

(b) The Amendment of the constitution can be made at the annual general body meeting or a special general body meeting convened for this purpose with a notice issued for the same 10 days in advance.60% of the members should be present at this meeting and 75% of the members should support the amendement.

(16) Accounts
(a) Detailed written accounts of all money transactions of the union must be made. The Day Book, Ledger, Vouchers, and all other documents required under Section 22 of Kerala Trade Unions’ regulation act of 1956 must be prepared by the General Secretary and approval for the same obtained from the Executive Committee and the General body at the appropriate time.

(b) The general secretary should make the accounts of the Union available during the office hours for examination by the members and officers of the departments concerned.

(17) Audit
The accounts of Income and Expenditure of the union shall be audited every financial year as specified in Section 23 of the Kerala Trade Unions’ Regulation Act of 1958, either by two auditors selected by the general body meeting based on the number of members of the current year or by a Chartered Accountant when so decided by the General body meeting.

(18)  Records of the Union
(a) Membership Register:-The General Secretary should keep a written membership register with all relevant details of the members. The details of the members of the Union and those who leave the Union should be entered in the register at the appropriate time.

(b) The General Secretary should make the membership register available for inspection by the members and the officers of the department concerned during the office working hours.

(19)  Working Hours of the Office
The working hours of the Office shall be from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

(20)  Dissolution
The Union can be dissolved if 75% of the members demand it, or if the Executive Committee feels that the effective working of the Union cannot be continued because of the non co-operation of the members or because of some other technical reasons, at a special general body meeting with a quorum not less than 60% where 75% of the members present support the dissolution

(21)  Assets-Liabilities

When it has been decided to dissolve the Union or to merge with some other parallel union, the above mentioned General body meeting may decide to transfer the assets and liabilities of the Union to the Organisation with similar objectives as this Union.

(22)  Affiliation of the Union, Merger
The Annual General Body Meeting or a special general body meeting convened for the purpose may decide with a 2/3rd majority for affiliation with a Central Trade union or to merge with a similar union.

Additional Clause 5A, 9F & 10B

Clause 5A
In addition any Investigator or other associate worker who individually taken up market survey, social economic survey and other data collection work and execute atleast 2 projects in 6 months can become active members of the Union. All rules and regulations of AKMRIA will be applicable for them also.

Clause 9F
If a member or members of the 15 executive committee is absent for 3 consecutive committee meetings, a decision shall be taken at the 3rd such committee meeting to issue a notice to the member asking for explanation for his absence. If a reply for that notice with clear reasons for absence is not received within 14 days, the member may be removed from the position and another shall be co-opted and the approval for the same may be obtained at the next general body meeting. If a member is absent for three consecutive meetings because he had to go out from the State of Kerala or go out of the country or because of any health problems or some other acceptable valid reasons, , he may submitt an application before the State Committee giving the reasons for absence and with sufficient supporting documents, he or she may be given leave of absence, if found suitable by the Committee for 8 more months.

Clause 10B

The quorum for monthly Executive Committee Meeting will be more than 50% of the total office bearers who are presently exist.

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